President’s message

Last year my daughter Sofia called me in a panic.  It was her senior year in college and she “hadn’t had an interesting thought in TWO DAYS! “

“Is this what it means to be an adult, Mom!?”

She described keeping up with her studies, her two jobs, bills, planning for the future.  Trying to maintain friendships and family ties.  And how hard it was to have time to think

I had to admit that, yes, that was a downside to being an adult.  Sometimes the pressure of making a living and keeping up drove out the space for “interesting thoughts.”

One reason I think the ROBWEC  breakfast  programs are so important and so much appreciated is because the programs give us space to think about our world in a new way and to look at issues through different eyes.  We can apply what we learn to evaluate information we receive or decisions we make.  A reminder that not everyone is me.  Not everyone thinks like me.  And not everyone receives information like me.  What a business advantage! 

And where else are we able to interact in a small group setting with a MacArthur Genius?  The mayor of Houston?  Who doesn’t like being the most interesting woman in the room after a ROBWEC breakfast?!

Emilie Booth and our board do a wonderful job vetting and securing speakers for our programs,  ensuring the topics are relevant and the speaker is of known quality.   With compelling programs, we will make ROBWEC unleavable and create a magnificent opportunity for the Sofia’s of Houston when they, too, become Women of Impact holding on to the need for interesting thoughts!

robwecwebdevPresident’s message
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1975-2016: Celebrating 40 Years

Katharine CabanissWe will be joined by over 30 former members at the November meeting. Some are traveling from far destinations to reconnect and celebrate with us! We look forward to seeing old friends and making new ones.

Our November meeting, in addition to being a celebration, will also contain a short business meeting. We will approve the 2017 budget and slate of board members.

It is a privilege to celebrate our ROBWEC birthday with all of you. ROBWEC women have always been Women of Impact, and our current membership certainly fits that model. We continue to work, serve, and make a difference in our community. Thank you for all you do as a Woman of Impact in the greater Houston area.

Keep up the great work. When a ROBWEC woman is in the room, business gets done!

Katherine Cabaniss
robwecwebdev1975-2016: Celebrating 40 Years
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