Creating Connections


ROBWEC is committed to supporting professionals and entrepreneurs by providing educational, networking and business support in a welcoming environment. ROBWEC enables successful partnering between established women and newer professionals.

Houston has a history of making things happen. So it is with the River Oaks Business Exchange Club. Women not just changing with the times, but changing the times. Impacting the 4th largest city in the nation.


  • Teresa Byrne-Dodge

  • Sally Evans

  • Mary McKerall

  • Sharon Henry

    Sharon Henry
  • Kids grow up and leave, careers evolve, and home addresses change. Through it all, ROBWEC has been a constant — a group of savvy and thoughtful women who support one another both personally and professionally.

  • When I become part of this marvelous group, I used member services whenever possible — and thanked them in the meetings and through the newsletter. More importantly, I referred members and referred people TO members whenever I uncovered an opportunity. ROBWEC rocks!

  • ROBWEC connects me with women who were and are friends, mentors and supporters during good times and bad and form a significant part of my past, present and future.

  • ROBWEC has the most amazing speakers each month. I always leave feeling inspired!