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Our story

We are innovators.

In 1976, refused admittance into business organizations by male leadership, five women met for breakfast and conversation at the travelodge on waugh drive. From that catalyst grew the River Oaks Business Women’s Exchange Club, an organization for women, by women. Our members share their business acumen, resources, insights, and more, to help one another succeed. We are our own heroines.

We are powerful.

We are a networking club comprised of seasoned professionals and new professionals – and those in-between – in diverse occupations and fields. We work to ensure that women have the information, tools, and support they need to realize their professional goals.

We are social.

Continuing the practice of our pioneering founders we gather monthly for breakfast meetings to nurture our relationships and learn from speakers that are leaders in their fields.

Currently there are three roundtables, made up of about 15 women, which focus on business topics or the serious business of getting to know each other. In the business roundtable members focuses on sharing best practices, while the social roundtables gather to talk, relax, and connect. Member interest drives these groups and they are fluid. We open our circles to welcome new members and let established members flow to other groups.

To learn more about our community and ourselves, we have enjoyed a behind the scenes visit to the Federal National Reserve Bank of Dallas. We’ve explored our crafty sides with a session at warehouse of Houston’s premier luxury florist and created our own floral arrangements. We have fun. We get to know each other, our businesses, and then we share that knowledge with people who can hire you. It’s that simple.

Curious? To learn more about our organization and how it can positively impact your career, just send an email to admin@robwec.org. We’re here for you.

ROBWEC Board of Directors

Susan Schmaeling President

Gayle Ann Gourwitz President Elect

Danielle Booth VP Reservations

Halina Dodd VP Communications

Ellen Efsic Secretary

Carol Gradziel VP Membership

Sheryl Johnson-Todd VP Socials

Marie Schmidt Treasurer

Holly Smith VP Programs

Sheila Bezdek Past President

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